As many of you know, I haven't touched the website since 2005. Pathetic, I know. And I'm sorry. My interest in cartoon dolls died for awhile. Life got busy. This past year I've had my first real full time job, and I just purchased a house with my boyfriend. It's hard keeping up. I think a lot of interest in original dolls has dwindled as well.

I'm considering a complete new look for the site, and for the first time in a long time I'm getting excited about it. The name and look will change completely, and I will link all my websites into one. Webdesign, cartoon dolls, blog, networking, portfoilio will all be in one place.

Unfortunately, this means a LOT of work for me. I'm stressed and worn out, but I'm determined to bring this site back to what it once was. It all started as Trippinavz, getting 1000's of visitors a day. Now I'm down to 20 a day. It makes me wonder if this change will actually be worth it or not.

I'd really like your opinion on this, and any suggestions. I'd like to know what you want from this site, what'd you'd like to see. I don't do this just for me, but for everyone that comes here.

Thank you!

Feb 17, 2007

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